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Formerly RealFaction. Composer of Pico's School OST, Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme, Fetal Fury OST, FNF Necromancer Mod OST. Voice Actor, Writer, Podcaster, Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Art: @ShadowCat5150

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Latest News


New single, a podcast interview with @Spazkid, my podcast Off the Wall is back (sorta), and I've been streaming games on Twitch. Let's talk about that!

New Single

I just came out with my new Piercing Lazer rock single, "Sinking in the Walls"! It's out at all digital stores, and BandCamp (and here on Newgrounds) if you want to support me by buying it: https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/track/sinking-in-the-walls-single

Listen to it here on NG:

Podcast with Spazkid about Game Development / Off the Wall

For the return of my podcast series, @OfftheWallShow, this week I came out with a podcast from a stream where @Spazkid and I talked about game development (and exclusive untold things about Nightmare Cops, without giving away too much), and how I'm looking for a programmer for my game Newgrounds: Zero Hour (plus for a paid job for my Steam/console game). I posted about that on the forums: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1484090

Here's the podcast:


I've been streaming on Twitch playing a handful of games if you want to catch me, follow me on there so you know when I'm live! It's usually at night, but I think i'll be doing an earlier stream today, maybe 2. I upload the edited versions of the streams for playthroughs on my youtube channel. I'll drop the links below.

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/thatjohnnyguyofficial

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80zC94XMRxZ2FuU5v9TIDw

New Music / Record

I really haven't been up to much else, other than working on "Out of the Trenches", the deluxe version of the Piercing Lazer "Trenches" EP, basically adding vocals to some (maybe all?) of the songs, plus adding THREE new songs! Sinking in the Walls is the first single, and one of those new songs! :D

Anywho, catch y'all later I've been kinda down but hanging in there. Thank you all for your support and kind words, I need it right now. Really hoping I find a programmer for Zero Hour and my Steam/console game...



NG: Zero Hour Needs Artists!

Newgrounds: Zero Hour, the game that launched Pixel Day that I started on 5 years ago, is now back in development!

I need artists who can make as little or as many assets as they want! I want this to be a mural of pixel artists for the community, and to celebrate Newgrounds.

With that said, this is a project for fun, and no hurry on it. We'll be taking our time, but staying motivated. The demo did really well and helped promote Pixel Day, bringing more pixel artists to Newgrounds! It's a fictional, non-canon sequel to Pico's School, but expanding to the NG universe with many past popular characters. It's also focused on challenging platforming and boss fights.

A good example is the Stage 2 walkthrough video (don't mind the glitch of the fireballs being way too big and reversed, plus this is old): https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

Also here's the announcement trailer highlighting Stage 1: https://youtu.be/OO7HkSgScW8

We already have a decent amount of artists, but we can have as many as we want! I want your style to shine on this project, but I do look for quality. It would be cool to release another demo on Pico Day. Send me your work, and we'll talk! Thanks! :)