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Formerly RealFaction. Composer of Pico's School OST, Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme, Fetal Fury OST, FNF Necromancer Mod OST. Music Producer, Voice Actor, Writer, Podcaster, Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Art: @Aristella

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ThatJohnnyGuy's News

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - March 11th, 2011

Not really any updates, but i've been looking into audiojingle.net because since I er...lost my job...I can't find a new one for a long time due to the economy crap. So I want to make many unique songs that can only be used once, meaning, i'll still upload on here of some of the songs but they'll be previews to see if thats what you would want for a flash game or movie. The prices will probably be cheap for each song. Apparently a lot of people see me as a composer...lol. I'm going to try this. Also, ask me to make something! I literally have many hours on end since I graduated from school recently and have no job...yikes. Support me guys, i'll be making an account on audiojingle and you can buy some songs for cheap. Don't worry, i'll throw some freebies on here every now and then.

In the meantime, whats a good idea to get out there besides myspace and youtube?

http://audiojungle.net/user/RealFactio n

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - February 9th, 2011

So this time I'm adding a few things.

Personal Life

Of course most of you probably don't care, but work is hectic so i hardly am ever home to work on music, but on my days off i try to work hard. I'm hoping to have the album at LEAST by Summer, but I'm trying to get it done in a few months, we'll see. If you havent checked out the intro track i uploaded ("Reality Check") then check it out, it's the only full free song from the album im uploading. There's something that I'm waiting for which I will bring up next.

Female Singer

I'm looking for a female singer or two for a couple songs on the album. So PLEASE if you know anyone or you yourself would like to audition, send me an audio clip via MSN (mondohenry@yahoo.com) or upload it to some site like mediafire and send me the link.


A few weeks back or so I wrote lyrics and sang for DJ Bafana's song, now named "Live or Die". He sent it in to his local radio station and we're hoping it gets played! Tell us what you think!

Live Or Die

Also, did you know Jim Henson did stuff with the Muppets in the 50's for coffee commercials? Here's an early version of Kermit, though I think he had a different name.

And now for the Tune of the Month, Krinkels, i'm gonna kill you for getting this song stuck in my head haha xD

Tune of the Month - The Island Part 2 (Dusk) - Pendulum

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - January 23rd, 2011

Ok I got a few updates I guess not much really, but here we go.

Album Updates

I've got up to 10 songs now but not finished, most of them are but some are instrumentals waiting for lyrics. Which leads me to my next topic.

Seeking Singers!

I'm mainly looking for female singers with a good voice, not decent, good. I want this album to have heart and soul poured into it. So if you want to audition, record a clip of you singing to a song that really shows your voice's full potential, then upload it to mediafire.com, and send it to me. Or msn works too.

Writing For Flash

Me and my friends series has been put on hold because of some current life issues, hope he's ok. But we're working on it still and I still want to write for all you good flash artists, but only good ones, I'm hard to impress. I mainly write comedy, sci fi, and horror. So hit me up if you're out of ideas and need a writer.

One last thing, I'm still wanting to write original music for any good flash game makers out there, so hit me up if ya want an original soundtrack :).

Keepin it Real,

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - January 7th, 2011

Hey guys back with updates. If you read my last post then prepare to hear some this again.

Original Music

I'm willing to make ORIGINAL music for all of you flash artists out there. I'm talking mainly games here though. I make 8-bit, Techno, Trance, Ambient, Hip-Hop/Rap, Acoustic (piano and guitar from FL Studio), Down-Tempo, and other stuff. I LOVE experimenting with my music.

Heads up to all you Flixel users, I would love to make your games equipped with some 8-bit stuff =]

Game Jam

Check out the new game I made music for! I worked with PrettyMuchBryce, Jaxxy, and LDAF, all really cool people :). You wont find this music on NG but here's a good example of my 8-bit work.



I LOVE to write, I've been in the works of writing a book for over a year, and I'm writing for a series that me and a friend are working on, may be uploaded here in a few months or so :). If you're an animator thats good and has run out of ideas, let's talk some ideas out I got a few :)

There isn't much else to update, not even my music, the album is coming along slowly. I'm trying to learn Dubstep though :).

Tune of the Month

Song: Skrillex Feat. Foreign Beggars + Bare Noize - "Scatta"

/* */
Keepin it Real,

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 31st, 2010

I made an original 8-bit music score for my team's game Dravalanche, check it out and vote 5!


Also, I'm willing to create ORIGINAL music for any games you programmers and artists might be making in the future. If you're wondering about my credentials...

Music for the Necromancer boss in Castle Crashers

I am very experimental with my music (i dont limit myself to one genre and some of it isn't on here)

I do 8-Bit music like for the new game me and my team released for the game jam, so any of you Flixel (I love Flixel games) game makers want some music, PM me.

5 years of FL Studio experience

Can make songs in a matter of hours (working hard on them)

SO PM me if you want me to make you something and i'll gladly do it :)

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 22nd, 2010

Well, this will officially be my Christmas post and will be up for a couple of weeks.

Album Updates

I am currently working on my upcoming album that will blow my current one on Itunes out of the water! I recently released "One Step Flash" the 2nd single on Itunes, and I currently have 7 songs done for the album, I'm shooting for possibly 11 or 12. I'm trying to get artists to feature on the album, I love collaborating, which brings me to the next item on the agenda. Go search for me on the Itunes store and buy my current album if you havent already, it's all instrumental though.

RealFaction + F.O.D. (Father-of-Death)

No we're not married, just collaborating...silly. We made a new song called "Speed Zone" so check it out. We're working on another song, maybe two but not for sure yet. We've been Skyping alot.

Animated Series

I wrote a short story, and this animator guy named Mike (no one you know) read it and said "let's turn this into a series". I was excited because as a writer I've always wanted to get my ideas to flash movies. I won't say the name yet, and I won't mention the animator's username (so he won't get spammed), but I WILL tell you this, we're in the storyboard process and it'll take a few months or so to finish the whole thing. I'm doing the music as well as script/story. Eventually we'll look for voice actors, and that will be on a post in the not too distant future. This series will run a good amount of episodes throughout the next couple of years we're hoping.

If you want me to write for a flash movie, let me know!

Tune of the Month

Also I'm doing a new thing called "Tune of the Month" every 2 posts.

Karnivool - Scarabs

/* */
Add me on my Youtube and Myspace!

I'll keep ya posted...i mean uh...

Keepin' it Real (yeah there we go)

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 6th, 2010

First off and foremost I would like to thank Wade,Brittany, and Mich for making it possible for me to log into my account after my long absenty from this account.

Second, I am not "dead" as they say -_- seriously guys, i've been alive and well as RealityVictim. But to catch you up, I've had an album on Itunes since FEBRUARY and a proper thanks to RedWingX for the awesome album art, and I recent released the SECOND single off my upcoming album in 2011. This time there will be vocals as well as featured vocalists :). I have developed a new sound, so tell me what you guys think. In the meantime, check out the preview. If you missed me and you want to support me, go to Itunes and look me up.

http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/one-s tep-flash/id408269502?i=408269503

I found out the hackers were the same people trying to help me, and I felt really stupid. Thanks again guys for giving me my account back.

In other news, Piercing Lazer is also not dead. I made a remix of Simple Sight (song in castle crashers) that I will upload soon as well. I'm also working with a guy who lives in AZ with a studio so expect some real instruments to be used in the upcoming album in 2011. It's good to be back. Check out my Myspace and Youtube to see what I've been up to. I missed you guys :).

Oh and last but not least I'm a writer now in case nobody knew, and I'm willing to write for any decent animators. I can do comedy, or even something dark. Message me if you're interested but message me period really =]

"Guess I got my swagga back."

/* */

Surprise, guess who's back....(single out now)