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ThatJohnnyGuy's News

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - January 16th, 2021

Seeing as how Friday Night Funkin' has introduced @TomFulp's iconic game, Pico's School to many new players, who have also been interested in getting the official soundtrack composed by me, with @TomFulp's blessing, I have officially put the soundtrack on BandCamp with TWO NEW SONGS, and soon Apple Music/Itunes as well as many stores!

Get it on BandCamp: https://thatjohnnyguy.bandcamp.com/album/picos-school-original-soundtrack

(Coming to Apple Music/Itunes and many other digital stores January 30th!)

It's only $3, helps me buy groceries, and has TWO NEW SONGS?!? Yep. Two bonus tracks! One is a new remix of Talkin' Smack, and the other is a new metal version of Boss Fight (Cassandra's boss theme). I wanted to put something new as an extra "thank you" to the fans!

@ShadowCat5150 made a new album cover for it too! Check out her work:

Also, if you want to use the music, PLEASE credit me, I've had some people steal my work in youtube videos without credit. Credit me as Johnny Guy. Thank ya. Enjoy! Thanks to @ninjamuffin99, @phantomarcade, @evilsk8r, @kawaisprite for making an awesome game, and putting Pico in the game! I wonder who they'll put in next? They inspired this special release with the new songs. Thanks guys!




Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - January 11th, 2021

So, remember that Jack Serious Theme Song from my Thunder Riders skit in the Voice Acting Collab last year? Well, the full version of the song is finally finished. Listen to Jack Serious rapping. Enjoy.

And anyone who wants to share it on youtube:

Also, check out this amazing Cursed Server fan art of Freeki (possessing another body) by my friend @ShadowCat5150!



Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - January 10th, 2021

Hey guys....thank you for supporting me, my waking life has been really hard lately. I just want a stable life....im really lost. Sleep isn't stable, not enough money, l feel lost on my future. Im tired of doing so much alone for 8 years. It's hard not to give up sometimes when you struggle so much, and you're constantly stuck, feeling like a burnout.

I've been dealing with this for 8 years, im used to it, but it gets lonely, and tiresome, like everything i do to improve my life financially (and physically like sleep) isn't good enough. Working for $160 McDonald's paychecks, sleep issues, having to do 80% of things alone, and anything i dont i have to ask my parents for help still, like money.

Not to mention part of the sleep issues come from dealing with the neighbor's dog for the past couple of months or so, after leaving constant letters on their door to take better care of their dog to stop the barking in the morning since i need sleep for work and other things, and the association i've complained to many times won't do anything but tell them the same thing, cops won't do anything, animal control won't do anything, so I'm taking legal action. Time to find an attourney.

I'm NOT losing my job because of little sleep because of bad dog owners, and anxiety, stress, whatever the hell. It's really hard not to give up with a lot fighting me for years, I feel like I'm trapped in a cage, like a constant loop, I'm always stuck in. I feel stuck. I wish I made more money off my music and creative hard work, working from home, so I could sleep whenever i want, since a schedule is apparently hard for me...I don't know.

This post won't be around long, I have another one about Off the Wall's season finale coming out whenever the episode is finished being edited and I post it. It's a good thing I backlogged content because I'm exausted and have no energy to do much of anything right now. I'm really depressed, and it feels like life is going nowhere sometimes. Mostly because of the sleep issue, but financially in general. I hate life right now. That's all.

Sorry for the doom and gloom, I just feel exausted emotionally and physically dealing with all this, it's like everything constantly fights me. I'm sick of it. I want a better start in life. Most people are only seeing this in 2020/2021, I've dealt with it for years. It gets boring, tiresome, lonely, depressing. I wish I could make a living off making music. That's a pipe dream.


Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 31st, 2020

If you've kept up with me the past year, this year I've experienced a lot of loss and hardships, well, since 2019 actually, that year sucked too. I'm only recently getting a break. But, I will say the good things that happened this year, in order. That's why it's been hard for me to write a Year In Review thing, I almost didn't, because of the insane amount of bad things that happened.

I wasn't really planning on it, but then I thought, a lot of MAJOR things have happened to really turn my life around too. So, it's kinda weird to say this year has been both one of the worst years of my life, and one of my best, turning my life around. Weird.

2020 In Review (minus the 85% of it being bad things that happened to me this year)

  • Escaped Florida from my abusive situation with roommates thanks to everyone at Newgrounds, made it back home safely (though "home" isn't a place I want to stay given this state has a plethora of problems, its a big joke really)

  • Got to be a host on The Newgrounds Podcast for a while, that was neat hanging with the guys and interviewing awesome people. Now I'm back (not as a host), just occasionally submitting them comedy skits.

  • Finally went to therapy, I regret not going sooner. It helped me a lot, and inspired me to approach my life differently, and the way I make music. This was a major help for Cursed Server, my side project.

  • Got offered a show on Canadian radio that's still running (but it's re-runs, I recently sent in the last broadcast) to feature NG musicians on my show, and occasional advice and interviews. So I got to be on the radio.

  • Finally finished my former side project, Piercing Lazer's last album I worked on for years (The Other Side Chronicles).

  • My side project originally titled "Freeki", became "Cursed Server", and I finally released the debut EP record, which I made just for myself, just for fun, it was therapy for me. But, it's surprisingly one of the most well-recieved albums of mine from my fans and Newgrounds alike, which I wasn't expecting, but makes me happy.

  • Got a PS4 earlier this year, sometimes I play on that.

  • Got a cat who I rescued from a shelter that I named Jinsei (Jin for short), and I absolutely love him. He's been very loving especially more lately, we've been growing close.

  • Got a new car, abeit because I wrecked my very nice Nissan Altima....:L but, I like my new Honda Civic (well it's used but 2013, new to me, whatever lol).

  • Started the process of getting together with my new band A Silent Voice, got all the crew now. We'll start writing in 2021, I mean I've been writing a lot of lyrics to vent out, some instrumentals in progress, but I want to work with everyone and hear what they write too, cause we're a team.

  • FINALLY started work on the Newgrounds: Zero Hour game again, and I currently have a programmer, and 9 artists (not including the artists who provided artwork in the original version, so technically we have more than that because we have artwork preserved).

  • Oh yeah, wrote skits and did voice work for The Newgrounds Voice Actor Collab 2020 with VoicesByCorey who lead the project, and I love the stuff we worked on. We're currently doing a couple of those for 2021. I'm excited. Also got more voice roles this year for stuff in general.

  • Got a new job at McDonald's, and my bosses are actually nice and I'm enjoying it, they're understanding and not bullies lol.

  • Got a second paid job a few or so days ago, hoping I'm the guy this guy chooses for making the soundtrack for this game that is a reboot of a well-known old Newgrounds game series, hoping it all works out and that I can eventually announce it if all works out.

  • Been working on Off the Wall Season 2/Reboot which is a talk show format for youtube, but NG gets the audio versions with music. Though I'm 2 episodes backlogged, I'm struggling to decide if I still want to do the show, what it would be, because I think there's too much in it as it stands. I'm not sure, I'm fiddling with ideas, asking people for ideas.

  • As you can see, I do way too much, so I'm wanting to cut things down or out, mostly probably focusing on music including my second job, and make more time for friends and gaming with friends.

  • I also got into Once Upon a Time and I'm way too hooked on that show now.

  • SpazkidIn3D followed me on YouTube LOL I mean that's cool c'mon! I sometimes wonder how many well-known creatives follow me silently.

  • I recently hit the milestone of 2,500 followers on NG, which is something I've been wanting for years, so thank you for that. I've been escalating followers quickly, and I'm not sure how or why, but thank you haha I'm already almost at 2,600! Wowzers.

  • Oh yeah, this year is historic because I changed my artist name from RealFaction to JohnnyGuy on here, dropping a longtime name of 14 years, half my life I stuck with RF. Therapy inspired that change, too.

  • My music is gonna be in this other game that's gonna be on steam in the soon future, too early to talk about just yet though.

I think I covered all the good things? So, granted a lot of bad things happened this year, a lot of good has happened too, major milestones. All my life I mostly wanted financial stability, to sleep better, to be less anxious and sad, and I"ve been taking steps I used to be scared to take in fear of losing myself, my sanity, but I'm finally doing what I want/need to help myself and my life. So, I'm proud of myself.

Next goal: Meet the love of my life, who would first become a good friend of mine. And I really hope I meet them on Newgrounds LOL I mean I love this place and the community, c'mon, you guys are family. I love y'all. Anyway, Happy New Year, and expect more Cursed Server music in February, a Sixx A.M. cover song very soon, Off the Wall Season Finale soon-ish maybe, and Off the Wall Season 2 in a couple of weeks. Oh, and some comedy skits soon before that with Jack Serious.


Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 23rd, 2020

EDIT: Merry Christmas! Also, someday I wanna meet my future wife here on Newgrounds, like we're best friends and deveop that special bond, and meet up, get married, works, but like not rushing it. I dunno, it's a thought. Would be funny if I met her at a Pico Day meetup whenever we get those again. I'm open to it. Anyway, stuff below!

So, originally, I was in dire straits, needed money badly and luckily you guys helped me out, thank you. I hate having to ask for help so much...but I'm thankful you guys help when/if you can. I started my first day at my job today, and I actually managed to get a second job yesterday, hoping all works out. With that said, I won't have as much time to do some things, so I'm not gonna rush release on certain projects.

Here's the updates with my projects and life in short:

  • Got a new job, worked the first day

  • Got a second job, working on a video game soundtrack for a well-known NG game dev who has a well-known game series, I'll keep it a surprise for now (and don't know if I can talk about my position yet) hoping it all works out.

  • Cursed Server album isn't going to be rushed anymore since I'm good on money for now and parents are helping out. It'll most likely be back at the original February release time.

  • Off the Wall Season 2/Talk Show Reboot will be a little delayed, more like not rushed anymore, so I have more time to backlog episodes as I have been. I'll want people to submit content to the show as well (and fanmail and ideas)

  • Still trying to get the holiday special Season 1 Finale of Off the Wall done soon, but haven't had time.

  • Taking a little break from posting content, you probably won't see anything from me for a little while until late this month or early next month.

That's about everything I'm doing, thankful for the game soundtrack opportunity. I'll talk about it more when I can. Hoping it all works out. I really need the money and it's helpin', so is the guy behind it. Thankful for him, too. Thanks for all your support guys, I really appreciate it.


Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 18th, 2020

So here's an update on my situation.

Thank you to everyone's who's donated, it's definitely helping. I never expect it, but it's always appreciated. I'm also shocked that I'm almost already at 2,500 followers here...dang. Thank you all for supporting me as always, I came back today from a follow-up with my job's managers, and I start sometime next week, so in around 2 weeks I'll have a paycheck.

I need at least $150 right now, I'm willing to do $50 a song up to a minute depending on what the requirements are. Also if you need music for your games I have $4 music packs on my website for purchase and you can hear previews, anything helps: https://www.realfaction.net/music-packs

If anyone still wants to support me, it's definitely welcomed in the meantime until I get the money I need. I'm working on music for the new Cursed Server album, hoping to release it really soon. Part of me wishes Cursed Server would blow up like everywhere and I could make money doing just that haha, but that won't happen right? But hey, it's doing well on Newgrounds and I'm happy about it. Glad you all like the music.

I hope you all are doing well, stay safe, everyone. Here's my kofi if anyone is able to help me stay on my feet until my new job pays me a check. Its https://ko-fi.com/RealFaction (or my Paypal mondohenry@yahoo.com).


Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 16th, 2020

EDIT: Here's my kofi if anyone is able to help me stay on my feet until my new job pays me a check. Its https://ko-fi.com/RealFaction

I hate writing these posts, but I have only $400 to my name and i haven't even started my McDonald's job yet (yeah, I'm back to square one, things have been bad). I'm kinda paniking and don't know what to do. In the meantime, in hopes I can make some sort of money to make me last so i don't go homeless and starve since my parents aren't helping me right now (dad can't, out of his control, and it's kinda my fault due to a desperate/risky business venture that cost us a lot...I'm an idiot, but I was desperate).

I'm scared of being homeless. I originally was going to pump out the Cursed Server deluxe edition album in February, but now that I'm in this unexpected situation after my dad recently broke the news, I'm working night and day to finish this and make it my #1 priority, alongside the Off the Wall season 2 stuff. At least until I start my job, and then doing what I can. I doubt it'll make any real money, but it'll be $5 for like 8 songs. 'Cause, you know, pandemic. I want to keep it cheap.

This past 2 months has been nothing but hardship. Someone robbed me $300, had to replace an expensive fridge after living on ice containers for 2 weeks to store little amount of food at a time, wrecked my car last month and had to use most of my unemployment money (which is all i have left not much left now) to go to that, among other things popping out of the blue to take my money. I'm scared, it's like someone cursed me.

I don't get it. I really don't. I just want it to stop. I've had a handful of mental breakdowns and i"m tired of it. I really wanted a future but it's not looking bright. I'm probably gonna end up on the streets soon, so before I bite the dust, I at least want to give you guys what I promised, albeit rushed faster than I like, but I want to make sure I'm happy with it too. I have a job now at that McDonald's (granted, that's going to kill me inside with my Autism, gonna drive me nuts), but I haven't had my first day yet...they've yet to get back with me.

So, you're getting Off the Wall Season 2 most likely right after Christmas, and Cursed Server maybe within a week if I work hard enough. I wanted to make this special so I had an amazing artist who's a fan of mine do the artwork, and I only wanted them because I knew they really could bring out what I was going for, and their style is perfect for it. I really hope you all like the deluxe edition album. It stands out as it's own thing, has it's own name.

Pray for me. I'm not having high hopes for anything right now guys. I'm really scared at this point.

TLDR; Might be going homeless when I run out of money, and without food, but at least you guys will be getting the Cursed Server deluxe album and Off the Wall talk show (season 2, variety show video and audio versions) much sooner than I thought, out of desperation so if something happens to me, you'll all get that at least.


Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 13th, 2020

Hey! So me and my team need a programmer (and more pixel artists) for Newgrounds: Zero Hour! It has over 80,000+ plays from the original demo in 2015, and people are still excited about it! For programming, we have many assets beyond what's in the demo already, so you would have more to work with. We're going at a steady pace stage by stage, taking our time, so no one gets overwhelmed.

Play the demo!

No one unfortunately is getting paid due to it being a fan project with fan characters, but that's also why we're taking our time with it. I want people to have fun working on it, it's a passion project that's a mural of pixel artists on Newgrounds, to celebrate the community! We prefer to have someone who knows Gamemaker Studio 2, but any engine that works fluidly that you know well is accepted, so long as the game can run like the demo with the same controls.

The only thing I'd expect is weekly communication at the very least, even if there are no updates, I just want communication, honesty, transparency. It's a fun, steady platformer game project. As for pixel artists, you can make as many or as little amount of sprites for the game as you want! You don't have to stay for everything, but any work is appreciated! If you're working on a character, just make sure all the animations are done for them.

If this sounds good to you, message me and I'll link you to the discord server! Discord is required as it helps make communication and workflow easier.


Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 9th, 2020

I really didn't want to post this, I'm tired of being in this situation, but here it goes...

My dad officially cut me off assisting me with money for a while....i got some of my unemployment money today all that's left, and I'm going to have to make it last for 2 months, while I try to get a job in food delivery like ubereats or something because where I am, it's currently not safe to work most jobs due to more of my friends getting the coronavirus and restaurants are closed around here....it's bad. 

My dad is even avoiding his job, and isn't doing the best financially, hence why he had to cut me off of the money...but he had no choice, and I feel bad about it. It's not his fault, times are tough right now, it'll be for a couple or so months....I'm going to have to make my own money....the past month my bank account has been overdrafted and I rarely say anything about this because I don't want anyone to think I'm a scam artist begging for money and I try to figure things out on my own, but now I need the help...maybe. 

I'm not sure. I'm trying my best and it's just currently not good enough. No one has to donate, I know right now everyone needs money, but if anyone can, donation links are as follows:

Paypal: mondohenry@yahoo.com

Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/realfaction

Off the Wall Season 2 (Talk Show Edition)

In the meantime, while I'm going to get my new license and my new used car registration finished to apply for the delivery jobs, today is the premiere of the official new name of the Real Faction / Piercing Lazer YouTube channel, along with a teaser trailer of Off the Wall Season 2, a sneak peek at the new video talk show version with many segments and a fancy 3D opening.  Yes, Newgrounds will be getting the audio versions of the episodes. Another trailer will drop in a month. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV61ZjS50gM

I won't be at the premiere due to taking care of the car errands, but I'll look at your comments afterwards, promise. I won't see live chat though. Love you guys...times are really tough right now. I really wish I knew what career to pursue for my financial future. I dream of a day where I could work for G4TV next year but I don't get my hopes up on pipe dreams.


Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 5th, 2020

Need Programmer or Programming Help for Newgrounds Zero Hour

Newgrounds Zero Hour is coming back, got a team of 6 artists, but we need a programmer. If you're a pixel artist and want to make something for the game, let me know and you can join our discord server! We're making good progress, but I've been trying to learn Gamemaker Studio 2, and it's confusing.

If there's a programmer good with Gamemaker Studio 2, please help haha. I'd rather not program it myself since I'm already directing, writing, organizing all this. Programming is hard for me. I wouldn't mind as much if this wasn't confusing to learn because the creators of Gamemaker Studio 2 keep changing things making tutorials outdated, it's frustrating. If you can help, here's the forum post I posted about it:


The Future of Off the Wall (Radio Show)

There's only a few shows left for my radio show, Off the Wall. I'd like to thank my show's director, @hikari for giving me a great opportunity to have a radio show, though I want to move on to expand it into a talk show, in bite-sized podcasts of different things. Advice, featuring Newgrounds content, comedy skits, funny dreams I had, discovering strange places my friend told me about in town (and out of), it'll be a lot of things.

It's my own talk show on YouTube! Some of the pieces will be on Newgrounds too in audio form, no worries! It'll mostly be things I talk about, and funny stuff. I even have a desk set up. I have a Holiday Special Finale planned in a few weeks. Episode #18 will be Newgrounds-exclusive, and the last episode for the radio iteration of the show. It'll also be a CURSED SERVER special stream with explanations of the songs, and a special guest as well!

Trying to get my feet on the ground after a rough month, just released a CURSED SERVER song, a cover of the SAW theme, check it out: