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Formerly RealFaction. Composer of Pico's School OST, Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme, Fetal Fury OST, FNF Necromancer Mod OST. Voice Actor, Writer, Podcaster, Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Art: @ShadowCat5150

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how can someone even have luck this shitty

Past 2 months ive kept asking myself that.

That stings my heart, really. Talented people shouldn't be driven in the corner... I still hope it'll be alright. I'll sure help again if I'll be able, but I'm not right now unfortunately...

Its ok. Thank you.

Have you considered using a crowdfunding service like Patreon, Ko-Fi, or SubscriberStar? I know you have your reasons for being hesitant, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Surely, there are plenty of folks willing to pitch in to keep a roof over your head.

Yes i have. I guess i should've linked it. Ill fix that. Thank you. Its https://ko-fi.com/RealFaction

I can't donate anything myself, but I'll send the link to Tom Fulp. Me and him have been chatting for a while, and maybe he'll put it in a post so the community can help you out. I really like what you do and I wish the best for you. But for a good old throwback... Ryan: I'll catch you all on the flip side. Henry: THATS MY CATCHPHRASE

He's a good friend of mine. Thank you, I appreciate it. Lol. Good times. I miss Henry.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy what happened to him?

Family issues he's resolving I heard, he had to step away from NG for a bit. But deleting his account straight up was going too far, not sure why he did that. Idk what happened in full, but I felt he could've kept his account up. I hope he comes back, just wonder what name he'll return as.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy well I hope he comes back to. I think we all need a little love and hope this year.


@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy but we'll all get through this together. I believe that it'll all work out in the end. Just keep the spending to a low, work hard, and you'll be ok

thank you. Things are just hard for me right now.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy I'll pray for you whenever I do my prayers at night and hopefully the big man upstairs will send you a blessing. I gotta go to bed tho it's almost 10 so I'll talk to you later and keep you in my prayers. Remember: we're all in this together. Goodnight.

thank you

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy
I agree! :(

I’m terribly sorry! I’ll be praying for you every day and night!

Thank you

Hey Johnny? Can you post updates if anything good happens? Cause I just want to stay posted and know how things go in the future.

I don't like to post often unless there's major updates but yeah I'll keep everyone updated if things change, my parents are starting to help out.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy that makes sense. I just want to know when your luck actually stops being a jerk.

@Drews-Cartewns @JohnnyGuy
You’re welcome!


"So it's been a long time since I've sung to one of my original piano songs, so I made this song for a friend dedicated to my "little sister" Kenzie, and anyone who is in a rough place in their lives, I want you to show this to them to show them you care. I'm making a youtube version too soon. Lyrics below! Sorry about the mic quality, I need a new one. Enjoy!"

Aww im glad you like that one. Thank you

You got cashapp?

Yes but i prefer paypal or kofi.

I just donated at kofi

aww thank you ♥

Sent you some cash. Stay safe out there.

Thank you, anything helps. Trying my best. I start work next week so in 2 weeks I should have a paycheck.