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Formerly RealFaction. Composer of Pico's School OST, Castle Crashers Necromancer Theme, Fetal Fury OST, FNF Necromancer Mod OST. Music Producer, Voice Actor, Writer, Podcaster, Co-Founder of the Art-Inspired Music Contest and Pixel Day. Art: @Aristella

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Unfortunately, I can't help you with your existential troubles. HOWEVER, I do have plenty of experience with most things square, and Zero Hour seems worthwhile. Give a holler if ever you agree. Aloha


I'm game! I love Zero Hour! I'm also in the same spot as you in life.

I can offer animated sprite sheets, backgrounds, story, ideas, character designs, special effects, etc.

Message me some of your sprite work im images. Thanks

Well, I'm a slow cooker and not the best at making 'good' sprites from scratch. But I dun spent quite some years on editing and animating that kinda shizz.

So I could deffinetly give a crack at some extra enemies. Or use a bunch of background assets and put together a couple of stages (also spent lots o time on ripping stuff like backgrounds from DS games and building a bunch of sets from those).

Ya can take a peek at my handfull of animations and art thingies and let me know what ya need.

Could be the second bald John person I do this kinda thing for. ';3

Thanks, though I can't say it's what I'm looking for, looking for a bit more detail, but thank you anyhow.

I'm not too clear as to what my career's gonna look like either, even though I'm in college. What made me more comfortable in deciding what to study is knowing that education / career is almost never a straight line from point A to point B. People find out that they don't want the job they thought they wanted and switch to something else. Knowing that I didn't have to decide my career and have it set in stone with what little I knew was a comfort.
I've given up on thinking of my creative passions as a career. The fantasy of it still lives in my head of course, but I don't consider it as a possibility I'm aiming for. That's freeing. It takes a lot of the pressure off, and I'm happy to make stuff for it's own sake. But the fact that reality gets in the way, leaving little time to work on personal projects, is something that's hitting me now.


Keep in mind you have accomplish a lot that most haven't done all their lives, you need to find a new foundation to build up on, if it's music, voice acting, writing or what ever you wish to do. The hardest part is where you want to direct your passion. I had a hard time finding where to direct my talents and art at and I find live streaming very helpful to keep me going because it's something I love to do.

I disagree that music artist lose money because of streaming because it's the artists that releases their music out to the public on youtube and such. Now that music artist complain about streamers playing their song on streams goes againts most platforms TOS, even here on Newgrounds aren't too keen about people using copyrighted music without artist permission or getting license. In fact maybe you should try doing live streams and share your thoughts with fans, who knows where it may take you.

Good idea! Thanks! :)

I have 17 years experience with pixel-art (mostly just as a hobby, but I'd like to humbly say I do give it my all), so if you still need more pixel artists, here's some of my work on DA: https://www.deviantart.com/wonkytonkbotty/gallery/66044149/downfall-the-last-straw

Do you have more examples you can dm me?

@IngramJ @JohnnyGuy Sure, I can fish up a few other vehicular sprites I made to show you. When you say DM, I assume you want me to message you with them on Discord?

No message me on here. Thanks