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Need Game Programmer + Pixel Artists/NG Zero Hour

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 13th, 2020

Hey! So me and my team need a programmer (and more pixel artists) for Newgrounds: Zero Hour! It has over 80,000+ plays from the original demo in 2015, and people are still excited about it! For programming, we have many assets beyond what's in the demo already, so you would have more to work with. We're going at a steady pace stage by stage, taking our time, so no one gets overwhelmed.

Play the demo!

No one unfortunately is getting paid due to it being a fan project with fan characters, but that's also why we're taking our time with it. I want people to have fun working on it, it's a passion project that's a mural of pixel artists on Newgrounds, to celebrate the community! We prefer to have someone who knows Gamemaker Studio 2, but any engine that works fluidly that you know well is accepted, so long as the game can run like the demo with the same controls.

The only thing I'd expect is weekly communication at the very least, even if there are no updates, I just want communication, honesty, transparency. It's a fun, steady platformer game project. As for pixel artists, you can make as many or as little amount of sprites for the game as you want! You don't have to stay for everything, but any work is appreciated! If you're working on a character, just make sure all the animations are done for them.

If this sounds good to you, message me and I'll link you to the discord server! Discord is required as it helps make communication and workflow easier.


Comments (4)

I use GameMaker studio :O

GameMaker Studio 2 specifically? Do you know how to make a platformer game that triggers cutscenes, boss fights with health bars, shoot bullets at enemies until they die? Gravity physics and making a player jump and run and stuff like that? If so, you may qualify. Gamemaker studio 2 confuses me to no end myself lol but it's nice when people figure it out.

@Dungeonation Sorry haha xD the short version is, basically can you make a game that works like the demo? Did you play it?

@JohnnyGuy I use studio 1.4 AND 2, and yes I played the demo years ago and am pretty versatile in most 2D game development.

Awesome. I'd like to see what you can do with this.

What kind of pixel art do you need? swf? png?

Png or jpeg but GIF for animated sprites.