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Poverty, My Old Friend.

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 16th, 2020

EDIT: Here's my kofi if anyone is able to help me stay on my feet until my new job pays me a check. Its https://ko-fi.com/RealFaction

I hate writing these posts, but I have only $400 to my name and i haven't even started my McDonald's job yet (yeah, I'm back to square one, things have been bad). I'm kinda paniking and don't know what to do. In the meantime, in hopes I can make some sort of money to make me last so i don't go homeless and starve since my parents aren't helping me right now (dad can't, out of his control, and it's kinda my fault due to a desperate/risky business venture that cost us a lot...I'm an idiot, but I was desperate).

I'm scared of being homeless. I originally was going to pump out the Cursed Server deluxe edition album in February, but now that I'm in this unexpected situation after my dad recently broke the news, I'm working night and day to finish this and make it my #1 priority, alongside the Off the Wall season 2 stuff. At least until I start my job, and then doing what I can. I doubt it'll make any real money, but it'll be $5 for like 8 songs. 'Cause, you know, pandemic. I want to keep it cheap.

This past 2 months has been nothing but hardship. Someone robbed me $300, had to replace an expensive fridge after living on ice containers for 2 weeks to store little amount of food at a time, wrecked my car last month and had to use most of my unemployment money (which is all i have left not much left now) to go to that, among other things popping out of the blue to take my money. I'm scared, it's like someone cursed me.

I don't get it. I really don't. I just want it to stop. I've had a handful of mental breakdowns and i"m tired of it. I really wanted a future but it's not looking bright. I'm probably gonna end up on the streets soon, so before I bite the dust, I at least want to give you guys what I promised, albeit rushed faster than I like, but I want to make sure I'm happy with it too. I have a job now at that McDonald's (granted, that's going to kill me inside with my Autism, gonna drive me nuts), but I haven't had my first day yet...they've yet to get back with me.

So, you're getting Off the Wall Season 2 most likely right after Christmas, and Cursed Server maybe within a week if I work hard enough. I wanted to make this special so I had an amazing artist who's a fan of mine do the artwork, and I only wanted them because I knew they really could bring out what I was going for, and their style is perfect for it. I really hope you all like the deluxe edition album. It stands out as it's own thing, has it's own name.

Pray for me. I'm not having high hopes for anything right now guys. I'm really scared at this point.

TLDR; Might be going homeless when I run out of money, and without food, but at least you guys will be getting the Cursed Server deluxe album and Off the Wall talk show (season 2, variety show video and audio versions) much sooner than I thought, out of desperation so if something happens to me, you'll all get that at least.


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how can someone even have luck this shitty

Past 2 months ive kept asking myself that.

That stings my heart, really. Talented people shouldn't be driven in the corner... I still hope it'll be alright. I'll sure help again if I'll be able, but I'm not right now unfortunately...

Its ok. Thank you.

Have you considered using a crowdfunding service like Patreon, Ko-Fi, or SubscriberStar? I know you have your reasons for being hesitant, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Surely, there are plenty of folks willing to pitch in to keep a roof over your head.

Yes i have. I guess i should've linked it. Ill fix that. Thank you. Its https://ko-fi.com/RealFaction

I can't donate anything myself, but I'll send the link to Tom Fulp. Me and him have been chatting for a while, and maybe he'll put it in a post so the community can help you out. I really like what you do and I wish the best for you. But for a good old throwback... Ryan: I'll catch you all on the flip side. Henry: THATS MY CATCHPHRASE

He's a good friend of mine. Thank you, I appreciate it. Lol. Good times. I miss Henry.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy what happened to him?

Family issues he's resolving I heard, he had to step away from NG for a bit. But deleting his account straight up was going too far, not sure why he did that. Idk what happened in full, but I felt he could've kept his account up. I hope he comes back, just wonder what name he'll return as.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy well I hope he comes back to. I think we all need a little love and hope this year.


@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy but we'll all get through this together. I believe that it'll all work out in the end. Just keep the spending to a low, work hard, and you'll be ok

thank you. Things are just hard for me right now.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy I'll pray for you whenever I do my prayers at night and hopefully the big man upstairs will send you a blessing. I gotta go to bed tho it's almost 10 so I'll talk to you later and keep you in my prayers. Remember: we're all in this together. Goodnight.

thank you

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy
I agree! :(

I’m terribly sorry! I’ll be praying for you every day and night!

Thank you

Hey Johnny? Can you post updates if anything good happens? Cause I just want to stay posted and know how things go in the future.

I don't like to post often unless there's major updates but yeah I'll keep everyone updated if things change, my parents are starting to help out.

@PumpkinHeaDude @JohnnyGuy that makes sense. I just want to know when your luck actually stops being a jerk.

@Drews-Cartewns @JohnnyGuy
You’re welcome!


"So it's been a long time since I've sung to one of my original piano songs, so I made this song for a friend dedicated to my "little sister" Kenzie, and anyone who is in a rough place in their lives, I want you to show this to them to show them you care. I'm making a youtube version too soon. Lyrics below! Sorry about the mic quality, I need a new one. Enjoy!"

Aww im glad you like that one. Thank you

You got cashapp?

Yes but i prefer paypal or kofi.

I just donated at kofi

aww thank you ♥

Sent you some cash. Stay safe out there.

Thank you, anything helps. Trying my best. I start work next week so in 2 weeks I should have a paycheck.