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MAJOR Update on...a lot of things.

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 23rd, 2020

EDIT: Merry Christmas! Also, someday I wanna meet my future wife here on Newgrounds, like we're best friends and deveop that special bond, and meet up, get married, works, but like not rushing it. I dunno, it's a thought. Would be funny if I met her at a Pico Day meetup whenever we get those again. I'm open to it. Anyway, stuff below!

So, originally, I was in dire straits, needed money badly and luckily you guys helped me out, thank you. I hate having to ask for help so much...but I'm thankful you guys help when/if you can. I started my first day at my job today, and I actually managed to get a second job yesterday, hoping all works out. With that said, I won't have as much time to do some things, so I'm not gonna rush release on certain projects.

Here's the updates with my projects and life in short:

  • Got a new job, worked the first day

  • Got a second job, working on a video game soundtrack for a well-known NG game dev who has a well-known game series, I'll keep it a surprise for now (and don't know if I can talk about my position yet) hoping it all works out.

  • Cursed Server album isn't going to be rushed anymore since I'm good on money for now and parents are helping out. It'll most likely be back at the original February release time.

  • Off the Wall Season 2/Talk Show Reboot will be a little delayed, more like not rushed anymore, so I have more time to backlog episodes as I have been. I'll want people to submit content to the show as well (and fanmail and ideas)

  • Still trying to get the holiday special Season 1 Finale of Off the Wall done soon, but haven't had time.

  • Taking a little break from posting content, you probably won't see anything from me for a little while until late this month or early next month.

That's about everything I'm doing, thankful for the game soundtrack opportunity. I'll talk about it more when I can. Hoping it all works out. I really need the money and it's helpin', so is the guy behind it. Thankful for him, too. Thanks for all your support guys, I really appreciate it.


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You don't understand how overjoyed I am to hear that you are doing better.

Thank you

I was worried for the past week. A lot.

im sorry

Congrats, I'm really happy to hear that it's turning to the bright side for you.


You should do that :) merry Christmas!

do what? And merry christmas

@SantaHatDude @JohnnyGuy find a girl on newgrounds

Yeah but no hurry, just throwing it out there really lol.

@SantaHatDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy *hot girl jumps in your dm's*

Lol I don't care if she's hot I just want her to be a decent genuine human being, and one thing i will say is I definitely don't want anyone just hitting on me right away. I want someone to be friends with and grow close to them, have a meaningful bond, and just naturally fall for each other down the road, doesn't have to be right away.

@SantaHatDude @JohnnyGuy @JohnnyGuy I like your style. :)

thanks lol. Ultimately, you want to be with someone you grow with and that cares about you. I don't believe in dating strangers. It's only lead to bad things, and it's kinda a warped concept. Most people don't really understand what being with someone even means anymore, "dating". Nah, you want to get to know them as a friend for a while.