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Happy Madness Day + What I'm Working On

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - 1 month ago

Firstly, happy Madness Day to all of you and my buddy @Krinkels himself! I didn't create anything this year because my sleep schedule has been bad and I've not slept well. Maybe next year though!

Also, I have a DIscord server for anyone who wants to catch me there, sometimes I do gaming with the community and keeps you up to date with my YouTube uploads, mostly gaming stuff.

I can't tell you how stoked I am that Project Nexus is finally coming out next week! I'm going to be streaming the game as soon as it comes out, and I LOVE that it's co-op! I've been wanting another co-op game to play on the streams. Here's my Twitch channel.

New Piercing Lazer Music

Secondly, I'm working on TWO Piercing Lazer records. Why? Because one of them will be an expanded version of the Trenches EP, having vocals on some of the songs. It'll be called Out of the Trenches, and have a new song on it as the next single.

The other one, is a new album I'm working on for next year that explores old sounds of Piercing Lazer, and new! Industrial Metal, and Symphonic Metal. I won't reveal the title yet, too early. I plan on getting Dustin and Katja to help with vocals again.

Also, a big change, is that I've decided to release songs as they're finished, instead of waiting for the whole record to come out. My records don't really sell much anyway, eh. But, pumping out music feels good.

Other Projects (FNF Mods, Zero Hour Game, Voice Acting Skits, etc.)

Rapid firing the other stuff I'm doing, so here's a list:

  • The Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Necromancer mod by PhantomFear I did music for, is finally out. Go play it. I'm also doing music commissions for ANOTHER mod! These songs will end up on the new Piercing Lazer album next year, but you'll see them before then.

  • The full version of the first part of Newgrounds Zero Hour is STILL in development...I'm not giving up on it, but I'm switching gears soon most likely to get some more progress underway.

  • I've been voicing/writing audio comedy skits for the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collab again! For 2021 (Part 2), I just finished making 2 skits! Also, I wrote the BIGGEST Jack Serious skit yet! Look forward to seeing part 2 of the collab in November!

  • I am in pre-production for my first Steam/console game! I am currently looking for artists to get their rates for the future, my dad was kind enough to invest money, so people will get paid along the way! If you're interested, let me know! I'm also looking for a programmer.

  • Eventually I'll finish that Johnny Guy comedy record. Been messing with it here and there.

Yeah, i've been busy. I'm also not sure about the future of Cursed Server, in all honesty. I feel like I got out what I needed to get out, but who knows, I still make electronic music sometimes, I might just make something. I know this was a LOT to read, but this is stuff I gotta knock out. Those who have followed me for years know I used to do wayyyy more, and thank gawd i don't do that much now.

I'll try to post a new song in a couple or so weeks, you probably won't see a new post 'till then. Anywho, love you all! Take care!


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Happy Madness Day, Johnny! I hope you're finished on what you're working.