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Where I'm At Right Now In Life

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - December 8th, 2021

Been a while since I've done a personal life post like this, but before I get into my personal thoughts and feelings, I'll update you a little on the content I'm working on.

But before that, important question: Any suggestions on healthy meals for a balanced diet? I'm trying to eat better, lose weight, and get more energy. Leave suggestions in the comments!

Content Updates

Before I get into the unreleased stuff, before anything else, go check out the voice acting collab I was a part of. I wrote and directed a few skits (one of them being a Jack Serious skit) and voiced in some others!

Now, for the unreleased stuff.

Off the Wall (Podcast Show)

The next thing I'm going to release is the next episode of Off the Wall, hopefully recording it soon this week. I have the outline drawn out, but I'll be honest, doing the video version in the way I've been doing it, as professional as it looks, is time-consuming. I might just do webcam from now on, faster for editing, not as much setup. On here you just get the audio of it, but I do videos of it for my Youtube channels.

2 New Albums (Piercing Lazer and Kid Projekt)

I've been working on some new music for months, one of them is the expanded version of the "Trenches" EP from my side project, Piercing Lazer. Basically, instrumental rock & metal music, but this time all the songs will have vocals. I'm done with most of the instrumentals except one, and writing lyrics to a few songs still, vocals on some of the songs.

I'm going to try to get this done by Spring of next year.

Then, you may have noticed the new Kid Projekt single (my hip-hop side project), Two Sides. Since Kid Projekt is my least favored project by my fans, I gave up on the "Under Construction" album, despite me being proud of my work, and it's been in the works off and on for a few years now.

I only have a couple more songs to lay vocals on, and it's pretty much done, so this will actually be the next album I come out with, fairly soon, probably early to mid January, if not before.

Newgrounds: Zero Hour (Fan Game)

For those who don't know, this is a game that has been in production in 2015, due to the struggles of finding a reliable programmer after going through many of them. Finally, as of this year, I found a good one who is dedicated, and we're making good progress. The team has been polishing/improving existing sprites, and taking our time to make sure the core mechanics run smoothly.

Once the core mechanics are done, things will run a lot smoother, and go a lot faster for future stages. We recently also got a character portrait artist on the team, and stage 2 will be a lot faster to complete than stage 1. For the first part of the full game, I would guess that it MIGHT be out at Spring at minimum, at the current rate, but I could be surprised, I'm guessing though. We decided to do all keyboard/gamepad controls, no mouse this time.

In the meantime, play the demo and get hyped:

Twitch Game Streams

The reason there hasn't been any streams in weeks, is because of me trying to get my energy back, and turning my sleep schedule around. I woke up at 9:30 PM last night, and sleeping a little later each day, taking naps inbetween. Hoping I'll get back to streaming Fallout New Vegas, Madness: Project Nexus soon. I might occassionally stream another game inbetween, like Halo Infinite's campaign, and eventually Black Mesa/Half Life.

Follow me on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/thatjohnnyguyofficial

And now, the Personal Stuff

If you're wondering how I'm doing, it's a bit melancholy. That's the best way to summarize it. Though I'm not so harsh on myself anymore, I just want financial freedom, though I luckily JUST landed a work from home job, so hoping that helps me out. Money has been a struggle, as usual.

I'll admit, I've also not been as motivated to do the things I usually love to do. I've just been tuning the world out gaming off-screen and not the games I usually play, but I was playing Indivisible (great game by the way), something easy on my eyes and not a 3D space that was more taxing on my low energy as of recent.

But, why? Well, because I've admittedly felt a bit sad that as I grow older, things seem to stay the same, even though I'm slowly getting where I want to be mentally and physically, improving my health, but lately I've been having dreams of hanging out with people I miss, and being in a relationship with someone. Things I desire but still feel far out of reach. Sometimes I'm afraid of never getting these things.

If I had all the money right now, after I improve my health, I would get out of this crap city and move to Philadelphia to hang with my Newgrounds friends. I love Philly, it's way more lively than this dump. I grew up here, and I don't like it here. All I want is to have a career where I can plug in my skills and have that fulfillment of connecting with others, bonding, helping others. I just don't know in what way yet. I wish I knew.

That's my thoughts for now, thank you all for being here. I'm better than I was, but I wish I didn't have to spend holidays alone, which also kills me sometimes. But, it's better than being around my dad's side of the family. Look at my Two Sides song, read the lyrics, you'll see why I'm staying away from them.

Love y'all, peace.



Any idea when Zero Hour will be out?

If you read the entire section, I mentioned my ideal estimated time. But it's just an estimate, I'm just predicting based on the current rate of progress. For all I know, after the core mechanics are nailed, things could go much faster for all I know. But the wait will be worth it. Stage 2 will definitely go faster after stage 1 is done to get the feel of the game down.

I wouldn't recommend skipping meals, that can screw with your metabolism
for breakfast, ditch the sugary cereals and go for oatmeal, eggs, fresh fruit, nuts
eat less fried foods and processed stuff, eat lean meats like chicken and fish more than red meats, include steamed or raw vegetables, beans, brown rice in your diet. Try to consistently eat around the same time. Have a 'cheat' day every 7-10 days where you eat what you want.

Thanks! Sounds good! I eat a lot of chicken already and blueberries so I got that right so far lol.