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The Essential Piercing Lazer Fan Post (and updates on my dad's health)

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - May 17th, 2022

If you want the podcast version of this post instead of reading it, here ya go:

My new album under Piercing Lazer, "Vol. 7: Farewell to Sorrow" is out NOW on BandCamp! Go download it! A well-spent year and a half or so working hard on this beast of a project. Coming to other digital stores June 5th! Below, you can see a preview of each song, and scroll down a bit if you want to know more about the album and what's next for Piercing Lazer in the future.

PS: The wonderful art was done by my good friend @ShadowCat5150! Go check out her work!

Get the Album: https://piercinglazer.bandcamp.com/album/vol-7-farewell-to-sorrow

Album Preview:

Oh also I uploaded another song from my Bargain Bin Ballads EP under Johnny Guy. It's a song about a video game cyborg goblin. Enjoy:

Update on Dad + Me

As some of you know, my dad has been dealing with a bad leg infection, in and out of the hospital twice. He was put on antibiotics for a week after he got out again, then saw a doctor yesterday (Monday). He hasn't had the symptoms the past couple of days, so we're hoping it's gone, but the doctor gave him one more round of antibiotics to be safe.

Thank you for all your support for all who donated during the livestreams and left kind words, it's been rough on me emotionally. I broke down a couple times because of that, and some insecurity/social anxiety issues I'm going through right now. Other than that, I'm close to graduating my courses and starting up my life coaching business next month. I really want/need to get my life off the ground financially for me and my dad's sake. I really hope I get some clients and get successful with this business.

If you still want to help with my dad's hospital bills, you can get the Bargain Bin Ballads EP (which I made over 2 livestreams for my dad) and name your price $1 or more, anything helps: https://thatjohnnyguy.bandcamp.com/album/bargain-bin-ballads

About the Album:

"Vol. 7: Farewell to Sorrow", was originally was called "Out of the Trenches", since it incorporated songs from the Trenches EP from last year, but with vocals, and new songs. I felt that to be too limiting, like I could do better with the title. Even though it fit the theme from being in a dark place, working through it during the past couple of years I worked on this record, to a happier place where I get out of that funk after more than half my life dealing with depression, I wanted a cooler name, something more appropriate.

I would describe this as a collection of the things that used to hurt me, leaving them behind, & moving on to a happier place in my life, while giving people a taste of the sounds from my childhood. Basically, a tribute to bands I grew up with, but also, this is a mix of old and new Piercing Lazer sounds, kinda. It incorporates most of the sounds from almost every record, blending them all into this one.

Not all the songs are about me and my personal experiences. There's a few songs that tell other stories of friends and a couple songs that are kinda controversial due to the subject matter, but my thoughts on a couple of things in the current climate of today's issues. I'm just tired of the BS. I'm thankful to have worked with Dustin and Katja again, as well as a new addition, @LuckyDee himself! Glad to have them on this record, it was great working with them and they did an amazing job!

I worked hard on this album the past couple of years, and I know how long some of you have waited for songs like "Gates of Eternity" and "Set You Free" to get vocals, since you heard them in the FNF vs. Necromancer mod last year. I honestly feel this is my favorite, and best rock record to date, and I hope you all enjoy it.

What's next for Piercing Lazer?

Don't expect another full album for a long time, I'm taking a break from those, I'm doing EPs from now on. Over the past months I made a soundtrack for an upcoming FNF mod by one of my fans, and I think it's some of my best metal work. It has symphonic elements, and let me tell you, a couple of those songs are HEAVY! Hopefully that'll come out this year, that'll probably be what releases next.

Other than that, Dustin (co-founder of Piercing Lazer and he's on the new album) and I have been working on new music, a bit on hold because he's been going through a lot with his mom in and out of the hospital but she seems to be doing better for the moment, plus his laptop isn't really working well right now. We started working on a record together on this one song that's dark industrial rock, closer to the 2007 album sounds but darker and expanded.

It'll be quite a while until that sees the light of day, we're taking our time with it. Also I've got some 80's style rock and metal tunes in the vault I thought about finishing for an 80's rock record to work on that with Dustin. In the meantime, enjoy the new album! It's coming out on places like Itunes, Spotify, etc. on June 5th! Thank you for all your support all these years! Love you all!

Piercing Lazer's Name Origin

One last thing... where did Piercing Lazer's name come from? Here's a story about 15 year old me in 2007. I said, "What's the strongest, unstoppable force in the universe? A piercing laser, but put a z on it because that sounds cooler". It's a mix of Star Wars and 80's band names inspiration. Yes, Piercing Lazer basically refers to a lightsaber.

See you all soon, in a couple or so weeks you're gonna see a trailer for Newgrounds: Zero Hour! It's coming along!



I didn't know about what you and your dad were going through, but I'm glad he's doing better lately. Which antibiotics is he on?

I don't know the names of the meds, he just keeps me updated. He was on something really strong, but this round of antibiotics is a step down from those. I just hope in the next couple of weeks he's infection-free.

hi johnny. i am a 15 year old teenager and it's my first time seeing your newgrounds account. heard that one of your family member's going through a hard time and i wish you best in life and your family

Thank you

Glad to hear you guys FINALLY got some promising news!

Thanks man, I appreciate your support. I just hope it stays that way because if a couple weeks go by and it comes back I'm really gonna be bummed out. So far so good...