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Update on Life/Projects

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - July 3rd, 2022

Personal Life Update

First off, thank you all for your support for me on my last post and in general, you guys rock. It's been tough times for me, again. Despite the hiatus I'm taking for a while, I am still here and really it's a small hiatus from posting music, but I'm working on stuff behind the scenes.

I've made an appointment with a psychologist a few weeks out, I'm seeing a life coach (yes, really) on Tuesday, and I'm going to take "occupational therapy" (vocational rehab program, it's a 4-month work-prep/placement program to help me find a good job for me and preparing for it).

That's the personal side of things, my steps to better myself, my road to recovery. I want to make sure I get the help I need so I'm cracking down hard this time.

New Music Album, Cursed Server

I know I just released a new Piercing Lazer album, but this is a new concept album except not as much lore as the last album, "Freeki's Revenge". I won't spoil the theme, and although it's a bit simple, it's very experimental, and I think you all will like it. I'm experimenting with new sounds, and collabing with some familiar Newgrounds faces on this album. My goal is to finish it by Fall/Winter. I've already got good headway on it.

After this, I'm going to work on an 80's Classic Rock/Hair Metal-themed comedy album under Johnny Guy (my name). I actually have some finished 80's instrumentals of songs I never finished or never added lyrics too, so it'll be fun. Then, maybe finishing a Piercing Lazer EP with Dustin next year, depending on how things are with him, it's kinda delayed because of his personal life and computer problems.

New Off the Wall Overview Podcast

It's not a main season episode, but it's a "mid-season overview/break" episode, to give my thoughts on the season, an update on how I've been (this was recorded days before this so this actually gives more updated info than the episode), and what you might expect in the future. I'm taking a hiatus from the show as well for a while, but I do have a couple guests planned for the future. Check it out below.

Newgrounds: Zero Hour

Yes, we're still working on it. A lot of programming had to be done to make things work easier, better for future workflow with future stages. At this point, we're working on the cutscenes, and the last boss fight of stage 1 (and some tweaks to the Hanzou fight, a lot of work especially went into that). We're making good progress, but there's still quite a bit left to do, including a surprise at the end. I'm guessing around Fall it could be done, maybe.

Well, that's about all I have for now. I'm hoping this time around, this year in the coming months, the therapy will pay off. I'm really trying to better myself and overcome some past scars and make my life functional and not continue to be dysfunctional outside of the internet. I need a job, and I need the right job, and the right mindset. Wish me luck.




@ThatJohnnyGuy oh then when the Pico School Part:50793 soundtracks coming out

Never, and I suggest you change your username because I don't take kindly to suicide jokes considering my past, mental trauma must be hilarious to you huh? Bye.

...Great for you, friend. Keep going strong.

Let all the luck be with you

I really hope all goes well for you bro. I've been rotting for you for a while now :)

Taking breaks is part of a healthy working routine. You take care now, alright?