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Geometry Dash, 1500 Fans, Game Development

Posted by ThatJohnnyGuy - January 28th, 2017

Geometry Dash

UPDATE: RobTop posts a blog the GD users should really read.  Props to the guy, much respect: http://robtopgames.com/blog/2017/02/01/geometry-dash-newgrounds/

Here's my official podcast statement and guide on the situation: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/726613

I'm getting a lot of hate and insults regarding the takedown for Geometry Dash, but I will have an official statement on my end SOON being your complete guide to what happened, and the future of GD when I record my podcast talking about it next when I have time (will link here when it's up).  I have a job, and I work a lot, I come home tired.  I have a medical condition, which also drags me down.

So bear with me, soon I'll explain what's going on with GD, how it's affected NG to help people understand, and how they've tried contacting RobTop for YEARS without response from him.  That's my statement until Friday.  There's hopefully going to be a future for GD, but now he's going to be forced to do what he should've done years ago; Fix the issues, and actually talk to us.   When you run a community, communication is IMPORTANT.  It shows you care.

In the meantime, please stop attacking me and the mods like we aren't human beings, hate never got anyone anywhere.  I don't want anyone upset, but if you simply think of the factors in all this, you'll see why we aren't being unreasonable, we have been for years, even though I haven't known about GD for as long. The simple truth is, Rob could have done more to solve things, but chose not to, and ignored people.

You'll try to direct that back at us, but what they did for years was civil and TRIED to sort this out, you act like they never did, and like you know all the history when you need to see how hard they've tried to sort this out and simply talk to Rob.   It took TOO LONG to get to this point.  With that said, I hope RobTop and Tom Fulp can figure out something that works for NG and GD in the future when GD is hopefully revived with a fix. 

What do I think of the game?  I played it a few times.  It's fun, and challenging, well-made.  BUT, people abuse Newgrounds to upload copyrighted music and use music without permission.  The game has flaws like that.  The original idea is a good one, probably with good intentions, but unfortunately ended up in chaos.  GD users that are hateful, voting down songs in the audio portal, leaving abusive reviews, not caring about the site but using it like a tool for GD, that's all it is to them. 

Not to mention, thousands of songs per month, SPAM uploaded from these users like Skrillex songs, ignoring the rules and making a lot of work for the mods without a real break, all because of GD.  It was way less years ago, people still uploaded stolen music, but the count was way less before GD.  It has put Newgrounds under the boot of many people, trampled on, treated like dirt, and RobTop let this happen for years, when NG tried to make him aware of it.   I don't want my songs (like Neon Highway, which was used) with a CC license you NEED permission to use, in a game without my permission.  Simply respecting the artist would be nice.

Think about it.  That is all, for now. 


1,500 Fans

I have 1,500 followers, a big milestone for me, thank you so much!  Second of all, I have a new episode of my podcast series "Talking Real" out, talking about some of the stuff I mention in this post.  I also talk about how Pixel Day went.

Here it is: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/725134

Making a Game, Send Help! (I need Programmers and Artists for NG: Zero Hour)

As some of you remember, I made a game with @TwinBlazar and many others called "Newgrounds: Zero Hour", a demo rather.  I need programmers and artists, so if you're interested, contact me if you want to help me finish this game, whether you want to contribute one or more things.  We were going to finish it, but....it's my fault we didn't.  Next point...

(Here's the Demo by the way: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/664782)

Public Apology

I rushed things too much, and stressed everyone out.  Originally I said he quit but...that wasn't true.  So I'd like to apologize for misunderstanding, not being truthful about that, and not being reasonable as a person back then.  I mistreated him.  Which leads me to my next point...

Help TwinBlazar Get His Next Game Greenlit on Steam!!!

Title speaks for itself, his new game is amazing, go check out his post, sign in to Steam, and upvote his game, it's solid stuff!  I want to see him get his stuff out there more!

Post: http://twinblazar.newgrounds.com/news/post/975530

That's all for now, podcast tells you more about what's going on if you're curious about the current status of music I'm going to be uploading.  Pixel Day was a blast!  Thank you guys for submitting!  Can't wait for next year!  :D



Comments (9)

congrats on your milestone!

thanks! Been over 10 years waiting lol i'll be excited when i hit 2,000, that'll be a long ways away.

Sorry for the toxicity you've been getting from GD, its toxic to even us. But congrats on your 1500 milestone and keep being awesome. I just hope this problem with GD and NG is solved a bit more peaceful then it currently is...

Thanks. Me too honestly. The truth is, I flagged the game before BrentHeMan commented, I was ceasing all action after that, but was kinda too late I guess and the takedown happened on Steam. But now this forces Rob to stop piddling around as he has for 3 years and actually communicate to the people, do what he should've done. An update do a 3D game (his is 2D mind you) and code can be made within a matter of months. Something's fishy here.

Thanks for making this post. Hopefully as we push on things will get resolved and players can have their fun WITHOUT us getting trampled on in the process. It's been too damn long.

You're welcome, I also made tweets about this and made a long post i copied to different Geometry Dash videos on youtube in the comments and facebook page and all that junk, spreading awareness. I'm making a podcast next, when I have the energy this week, maybe Friday.

I asked Tom if he could talk to Rob about doing a SIMPLE thing by making a blog post reaching out to his fans with a statement telling them to stop being hateful and abusing NG, that would help, he could be a rolemodel, don't see how that's so hard. I made sure this gave him a swift kick to the ass to get him to do what SHOULD have been done. He needs to do better for his own community, set a good example, and not let his army trample NG.

Wow I had no idea all of this was happening concerning geometry dash. I never checked out the game since I'm not much of a platformer fan. Hopefully this will all be worked out in a way that makes everyone happy. It's a bit disheartening though that many people disregard artists and all their hard work. :/

Congrats on the milestone man, I hope to work my way up there one day too.

That's what I'm hoping for. Fun game, just executed poorly in terms of the rules and management. Other than that it's a solid game. But yeah they're disregarding, insulting, threatening, the works. It's awful really. And thanks

Geometry Dash would be better if Robtop is not working alone. It's one of the reason why it cannot improved features like using musics from NG, and why every update of the version becomes longer to be updated.

I think he's working with one or two people, but still, yeah I agree.

It's kids. They mostly do whatever the heck they want.

Also taking down gd from steam is not a solution.

It's a temporary solution. The game doesn't need to be up while this is happening to NG, the game should be fixed first before it ever goes back up. As long as the game is up, NG is in danger of getting shut down because of these kids uploading stolen music causing labels to slam warnings on NG, and with enough, could be shut down. NG has had enough trouble with labels as is now. Also, I sorta doubt RobTop was going to act fast considering it's been nearly 3 years and still hasn't been a fix. But NOW he speaks up now that this is happening...what he should have done more of forever ago. Fishy if you ask me.

NG tried to talk to him and make a solution for a long, long time. He was silent to a lot of us and we waited too long. We can't wait any longer for a fix, the game has to be shut down until then.

Hey guys, here's an update. I asked Tom if Rob could post a blog on his site to reach out to his fans about the matter as well as the future of GD: http://robtopgames.com/blog/2017/02/01/geometry-dash-newgrounds/

I don't feel upset because of this. I mean, I DO understand the situation, and wrote my own rant about it. Yet I love seeing other people's opinions, and they even recommended me to read them, so I can get a further idea.
I also read Rub's post. Even if I'm not scouted, it's a good idea for people to say if their tracks can be used (or not) in GD.

In other words, one of the most perfect and mature rants I've read.

Yep. Thanks!

Congrats on the fans!