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Hahahaha I laughed out loud at this. I've rarely laughed at really short animations as i don't particularly enjoy them, but this was great haha

Evy-Devy responds:

Thanks! Wasn't my audio but I knew it fitted well! Glad you liked it!

Damn, no wonder this episode was never aired. This is gold.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

thank you

haha love it

squeakytoad responds:

Hey you finally got that new username - happy new year!

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Awesome game, but found a bug. When it says game over, pressing A doesn't restart it for me (im in Firefox), so i had to click the text.

BoMToons responds:

Keyboard press? I'll look into it, thanks!

An official alternate timeline of Pico's School? Dang, so technically this is canon in another universe. That's crazy. Makes me wonder where my non-canon fan sequel to Pico's School (Newgrounds: Zero Hour) falls into. I thought this was a clever, hilarious, and heartwarming "replacement" for April Fool's Day. It's crazy you still have the files after all these years.

Great but you forgot to link my soundtrack work you used for this game that was from Pico's School the original, so I'll link it for you :P

But seriously, this is an amazing tribute to newgrounds. This would've made a good Pico Day submission, and a great promo for ruffle. I wish it was a bit longer as an auto-runner, but I absolutely love the visual style, and I hope you make a sequel to this that's got some interesting twists and turns, or something like it. Bravo.

Guy-Unger responds:

oh dude my apologies, I added it now!
and thank you!

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Hahahah i love this!

I'm so happy you released this haha

I hope someone animates the Jack Serious/Thunder Riders sketch or part of it haha. After half a year of work, and finally having all this for my next voice demo, I'm excited it's finally out! Can't wait to be a part of the next one, good job everyone!

VoicesByCorey responds:

I seriously hope Thunder Riders gets an animation! It’s one of my faves for sure! Thanks for being a part of this Johnny, you were a huge component of it! :D

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haha clever. Love the detail, and the pun. Intelligence is hot, this picture only shows that this is actually factual because usually people in high intellect fields especially with technology stuff have to work in hot factories and wear hot gear like this. Unless you work in computers then you just wear a suit, but suits are a bit too warm too.

This is your first pixel art piece? I was surprised to see you made it, you always draw really well but this is awesome! You did insanely well for being your first, not to mention animated!

VariantSeven responds:

Thank you! I struggled a lot with animating it, so I'm working on improving that!

This is a great piece, but this isn't pixel art. Pixel art has a certain style and more looks like video game art. Good piece though.

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