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If you think that's something, check out his twitter rant he did on my podcast starting at 1:17:28, it's pretty funny, maybe you'll animate it:

Also, good animation.

Zoukeau responds:

I checked it out, ended up listening to it for about another 40 minutes. Good rant and good podcast! I'm afraid I won't animate it though, I'm wanting to create something that's less dialogue heavy and has more action and/or ambience. That's also one of the reasons this will be my last OneyPlays animation for the time being, I feel there's things I'd enjoy animating more than dialogue.

If this ever became a game that would be amazing. Reminds me of super old Newgrounds point and clicker games.

I've seen a decent amount of Resident Evil parodies, but this is the best one that has ever graced the planet Earth. Everything is so on point to the original game. The fact you both made a pretty decent budget live action sequence (that monster looks awesome in the cheesy 90's way I like), and animating the rest in 3D (and 2D sequences) that pays homage to the Playstation 1 days, is amazing. Of course everything is slightly more detailed and not as stiff with the animations, but it looks cool.

Amazing job everyone, with the music too. Everything looks mostly authentic while adding a modern polish to it. Honestly, you could make a game in this style and release it on Steam and people such as myself would throw money at you and play the hell out of it.

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The movement makes it fun, though for the keyboard controls I think Z and X could be swapped, I but maybe that's my preference, I don't know how other people would feel about that. Good challenge though!

This is hilarious, and original. Well programmed, love the art, fluid. I really have nothing to add. I love the power-ups.

This has a lot of potential to be expanded into a longer game. The graphics could be slightly better but they're not bad, the artwork is cute. Very creative, and lots of fun. If you made it slightly more challenging, with more risk involved, I think it would be even more fun.

Imagine having a game like this with an overworld map, with multiple dungeon kitchens (kitchen next to the dungeon you explore). And it could even turn into a tower defense + dungeon platformer game where you have to feed monsters in the dungeon to defeat adventurers and cure ailments. Just some ideas, but solid game, this is fun.

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Great episode! Though, I'd like to correct you on something. I made you the host of the show Aalasteir not JUST because you were the only one who wanted to do it, but I was very strict on what I wanted in a host, and you impressed me with your interview skills and research plus your friendly personality, good audio equipment, you're honestly a better host for the show than I was, I think you're doing a much better job with the show, and I'm happy you're carrying it on.

Glad to hear from TheDyingSun, all good things!

Aalasteir responds:

Your message makes me feel quite emotional; happy.

I am extremely grateful I can be of help. It is rare I hear nice things. These are the moments that I cherish, I am ever so thankful for the kindness you have shown me.

Therefore I say with every fiber of my being, I see you as a great friend.

Lovey work!

Haha! This is awesome. Can you link this in the April Fools Radio Collab channel on the collab server? Thanks for making this!

Aalasteir responds:

I'm happy! Thank you for linking the song, I'm happy it can be an example!

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Jack Serious fan art ahhh love it! "If you don't know serious you don't know QUACK!"

Seriously though, great job.

I love this.

This is incredible. I hope you're making something for Pixel Day on the 23rd!

grumpyfart responds:

Thank you so much! I’m hoping I can do something for pixel day ! If I don’t get to busy

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