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Leaving a new review, I genuinely was fooled thinking that some of the music was from original video games because it sounded high quality, I'm also really tired today, sorry about that. Anywho, good job on the animation guys, good music too.

PS: Not trying to start anything, but instead of a certain someone from this project asking if I'm "stupid", you really should be kinder to people and correct them in a nicer way. This isn't the first time you've insulted me in public either. I can be wrong sometimes, and say dumb things, but help direct me like the nicer people who responded to this instead of going 0 to 100 on the degradation scale, sometimes people make mistakes. Word of advice.

PKToastyVA responds:

Much appreciated, take care

Good job for your first animation! My feedback for you is the voice actors need to get better microphones and work some on their acting to improve, and overtime you'll get better with your animation quality, but you're already doing a good job for starting out.

Also, you need to credit music you use in your toons at the end credits and description. But other than that, good work.

This is great but using copyrighted music is kinda against the rules here (and it's not even credited), not the best idea....but in any case, good job. Being frontpaged is an honor and definitely gives you the feels, i remember my first time getting featured I was excited.

EDIT: I know you're not making money but Newgrounds sometimes takes down submissions with copyrighted material in it its against their rules, just don't want you to get in trouble, you'll do well here if you abide by that. NG started doing this more in the early 2010's to avoid getting in trouble with companies, if not before then.

Buster98 responds:

That's true. Not making any money from this and honestly didn't expect the reaction it got considering how short the project was

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There's a lot of great tower defense games on Newgrounds, one of my all time favorite genres, I used to play a lot of them in the 00's, this is definitely a great one. Great job guys. Only complaint is the crazy difficulty curve in level 2, it shoots up way too high too fast.

Grats on the daily second place <3 you all did great!

It took a long time but it was worth the wait, this is some creative stuff with the boss battles. Admittedly i am very frustrated there's no checkpoints, I would update that to make it more replayable, but overall, great job guys. This really has that NG nostalgia even in the remake, and adds some new things as well.

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I'm really happy to have been a part of this and it turned out amazing! Thank you for letting me write/direct/cast/edit a few scripts (and compose music for a couple)! Plus the others I voice in (thank you to those for casting me in them). This is a real blessing for the VA community on Newgrounds, and it happened because of you all! :D

Now go buy yourself some ice cream, do something to pat yourselves on the back!

chitstain responds:

Honored to have been a part of your skits, my dude!

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this one live as well as me being an asshole on the podcast, community nights are the best.

Nice nice. When is the community episode going up it's been a long time lol

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Thank you again for this <3

haha clever. Love the detail, and the pun. Intelligence is hot, this picture only shows that this is actually factual because usually people in high intellect fields especially with technology stuff have to work in hot factories and wear hot gear like this. Unless you work in computers then you just wear a suit, but suits are a bit too warm too.

This is your first pixel art piece? I was surprised to see you made it, you always draw really well but this is awesome! You did insanely well for being your first, not to mention animated!

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

Thank you! I struggled a lot with animating it, so I'm working on improving that!

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