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Awesome game, but found a bug. When it says game over, pressing A doesn't restart it for me (im in Firefox), so i had to click the text.

BoMToons responds:

Keyboard press? I'll look into it, thanks!

An official alternate timeline of Pico's School? Dang, so technically this is canon in another universe. That's crazy. Makes me wonder where my non-canon fan sequel to Pico's School (Newgrounds: Zero Hour) falls into. I thought this was a clever, hilarious, and heartwarming "replacement" for April Fool's Day. It's crazy you still have the files after all these years.

Great but you forgot to link my soundtrack work you used for this game that was from Pico's School the original, so I'll link it for you :P

But seriously, this is an amazing tribute to newgrounds. This would've made a good Pico Day submission, and a great promo for ruffle. I wish it was a bit longer as an auto-runner, but I absolutely love the visual style, and I hope you make a sequel to this that's got some interesting twists and turns, or something like it. Bravo.

Guy-Unger responds:

oh dude my apologies, I added it now!
and thank you!

Good game, but jumping gravity could be stronger for faster jumps, and a boss you can actually kill, instead of nothing hurting it whatsoever, that makes no sense to me. Also, having a limit of 10 throws per weapon, and it depleting every weapon makes no sense, even nintendo had a bigger limit on that in NES games. This makes the replay value much less, but well-executed programming, art, and music anyhow.

Harlemblack responds:

Whoa, one of the Pixel Day founding fathers himself! Thank you for the review. Yes, the jumping mechanism is kinda funny after I spent some time for reflecting it. The unkillable boss is an actually an avoidance challenge but it is understandable if players want to punch such annoying being. Maybe in next sequel, if any. On the weapon limit, I could increase it but it would make the game difficulty too easy. The levels are already too short and boss health bars are not that high. The limited amount of weapons is supposed to guide players to choose when and whom to use them for. Cheers.

Great programming, great artwork, but putting DFJK as a control scheme instead of the arrow keys to match the arrows, makes absolutely no sense, and is a bad idea. Good game other than that, and good job on the art.

Benedique responds:

the first working options were on the wasd and arrows, it turned out that you cant quickly and comfortably press up and down simultaneously

Great recreation. I just hope this doesn't get newgrounds in trouble.

Well done guys, well done. I also love the pixel environment, this has a good spirit to it. See, this is why NG is a healthy, wonderful community of artists. When we can all come together like this, it's beautiful, refreshing. I love the art pieces too. Good job everyone <3

Wait, you mean to tell me, you took your Pixel Day entry, and turned it into a full game???? That's awesome dude! That makes me really happy, knowing that Pixel Day made that kind of impact on you. I always thought it had a lot of potential to be a full game, and it's great with a controller! I'm broke at the moment, but I would definitely buy this on Steam when I get the time/money to play. Good job man :)

Wolod responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate your support. And thank you for creating Pixel Day!

Not bad for a simple time-waster! I like the art, and the programming is well-done. Would be cool if you could deflect the purple blobs into other enemies and stuff like that for a boss fight, has potential for a sequel to expand on these ideas. Good job guys! I love the surprises, this is really challenging and surprisingly lots of fun.

Very solid game, it's like a mix of Sonic and Mario obstacles but also more. You really have to think strategically to figure out how to move past stuff, very creative. My only complaint is that every level has a different song, it really disrupts the flow. I would have 4 songs at most. The main menu song (which I like), one song for the first half of the game that reflects the temple theme (not so keen on the electronic dance songs because they don't really fit the game's tone), one song for the second half that reflects the tension rising, and the ending song (which I did like).

Although, I feel the way you credited the music looked a bit...odd. I would make the text just a little smaller, and put the text in the lower left corner in white with black outline, rather than on the black screen, have that white text with outline for like 10 seconds, then fade. Other than that, good job, I like the game.

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